New, Old Look for GloryBee Honey Jars

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eugene, OR— GloryBee Foods is pleased to announce that it has unveiled newly redesigned labels for its GloryBee Honey brand. The new labels’ colorful designs make it easier for consumers to differentiate between varieties of honey, and also highlight on store shelves all 13 of the honey varieties that bear the GloryBee brand . Additionally, the new labels are manufactured without the gold foil contained in the old labels, allowing the honey to be heated in the microwave if needed. The retro update of the familiar “honey bears” logo and the addition of “since 1975” references the year both the brand and company started. The new labels appear on 18 ounce jars and 12 ounce squeeze bears. The redesigned GloryBee Honey labels will bring uniformity to the product line, which had grown inconsistent over the years as new products were added.

The old-fashioned yet fresh and natural design of the new labels is intended to communicate GloryBee’s longtime dedication to providing healthy, natural foods. Though the labels have been redesigned, the honey inside the jars is the same honey GloryBee has always offered: a pure, natural honey produced simply.