10 Frame Moving and Robbing Screen

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Robbing screens are a handy piece of equipment to have on hand in the late summer months when wasps, yellow jackets and other types of "robber" bees are prevalent and are trying to get into your hive.

At the end of honey season, when robbing is most common, this screen can be placed at the entrance of your hive with the notched out open at the top facing up and the long, solid side of the screen placed on the landing board. This creates a barrier for both your bees and robbing bees from going in and out of the normal entrance. However, your bees will soon learn that they can get out by crawling up the screen and flying out the notched entrance a the top.It is very difficult for wasps and jackets to figure how to do this from the outside of the hive, thus preventing them from entering. The frame around the screen is made of weatherproofed pine; sealed with wax.

The mesh screen in the middle of the frame is made of steel. There are two large openings/closures on the front and a smaller opening/closer on the top.  Make sure that when the robbing screen is in use that the entrance isn't blocked.

Fits on 10-frame hives only. Measures 16.25" wide x 6" tall x 1.5" deep.