Candle Supplies

  1. Round wick tabs, holds wick securely, use for container type candles and votives

    Round Wick Tabs

    (2 sizes)

    $1.89 - $3.19

  2. Votive wick pins, used to create a wick hole in metal votive use one per cavity, reusable.

    Votive Wick Pin

    Out of stock
  3. Silicone spray mold release in a 16 oz. can. Used for coating the insides of candle, soap, and candy molds for easy unmolding. Great for highly detailed molds and multiple-cavity molds.

    Silicone Spray Mold Release

    Special Price $8.69
    Save up to $2.90 (25.02%)
  4. Aluminum metal melting pot for wax, glycerin soap, or for blending oils with wax and other ingredients. Holds about 5 lbs of wax or soap. Can also be used as a water bath. Use inside a double boiler to prevent overheating wax.

    Metal Melting Pot with Pour Spout

    Out of stock
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