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GloryBee Candle Making
Are you or someone you know getting into the candle making hobby? Maybe you're an experienced candle maker that needs to stock up on beeswax and supplies? GloryBee is a great resource to get all of the candle making supplies and equipment you need to create the candles you envision. Browse through our online catalog to find all of the supplies you need including the hardware you need for the process, books to learn all of the intricacies of candle making and the software you need to keep creating batches of your candles. More about GloryBee Aromatherapy

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  • Organic Filtered Beeswax image
    GloryBee Organic

    Organic Filtered Beeswax

    (5 sizes)

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GloryBee brings you the best candle making supplies and equiptment that we have found over the years. These reliable candle making tool will work great for you.