Assembled Inner Cover

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If you live in a colder climate, an inner cover is an essential part of your 10 frame hive especially during the winter and spring.

Not only does an inner cover provide extra protection for your bees during rainy and cold weather. It also provides your bees with the appropriate working space. It does this by preventing the bees from attaching honeycomb and propolis to the hive cover.  The notch on the inner cover provides for an upper entrance for your bees and additional air flow. If you desire to cover the notch you can use any material to close it. Additionally, the inner cover allows for moisture to escape and fresh air to circulate throughout your hive. 

We recommend using an inner cover in combination with a metal telescoping top. The middle of our inner cover is made of Masonite and the rim is made of strong, sturdy pine. It is very durable and will not shrink. There is an oval hole in the middle of the cover that allows for the use of a hive top feeder or for the use of a porter bee escape. It has a deeper rim on one side allowing you to feed pollen patties or to use as a candy board in the spring. For more information on making sugar syrup and feeding your bees, please see this article on our beekeeping blog.

These inner covers come completely assembled. We recommend painting the outer edge to protect the wood from weather.

The inner cover measures 20” long by 16.25” wide and will only fit a 10 frame hive.