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White Plastic Frame & Foundation

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White Plastic Frame & Foundation

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The ultimate convenience - plastic frame and foundation in one unit. Durable and coated in beeswax. Ready to be put in the super after a gentle sugar water misting.

Why Use Plastic Frames and Foundation?

• No assembly required on the one-piece frame and foundation. Take them out of the box and place in your supers.

• Pierco frame and foundations store well until needed or can be ordered immediately when necessary. This saves you time, labor and capital outlay.

• Almost 15% more foundation space with plastic foundation than with wood frame and foundation.

• Pierco equipment is not damaged by rodents, high speed uncappers or extractors, as well as wax moths (just scrape clean and return to supers).

• Absolutely no breakage due to extra strength built into the ears of the frames. Highly recommended especially for honey supers because of the durability during extraction.

• Pierco plastic mid-rib is stiff and flat, so the cell depth is very uniform. This allows the queen to lay more eggs and come through the winter with more bees in the spring.

• Deeper cells - stiffer and stronger foundation - no bowing.

• Made from food grade, BPA free plastic.

Black Foundation vs White Foundation?

We’re often asked why we sell two colors of plastic foundation. Black Foundation is typically used in the brood box so that it is easier to see brood (baby bees). The white plastic foundation can be used in the honey supers to keep them separate from frames that have been treated with medication.