Frames & Foundation

Bee Hive Frames for Sale

The key to any good structure is a solid foundation, and beehives are no different. These bee hive frames frames act as a place where the bees can store their honey, pollen, and brood. Our frames are easily removable, which allows for quick access of honey and inspection of the colony. At GloryBee, we offer a wide selection of beehive frames for sale. Our options include wire, plastic, queen cell bars, and more. We manufacture our honey bee frames for beehives from high-quality materials and with great attention to detail. This ensures that you have frames that will last you plenty of seasons. Check out our beehive frames for sale! More about GloryBee Beekeeping

Frames & Foundation

  1. This frame hammer is the perfect size and weight to tap in small fame nails without damaging the wooden frames.

    Frame Hammer

    Special Price $2.99
    Save up to $1.00 (25.06%)
  2. Use this handy forming board to quickly and easily embed wires for your wired foundation. It also provides a sturdy surface to install foundation in your frames.

To use simply lay the frame with wired foundation and wire onto the forming board and use

    Forming Board

    Special Price $11.84
    Save up to $3.95 (25.02%)
  3. Wooden frames with wired foundation is the preferred combination of frames & foundation for traditional beekeepers. However, due to how time-consuming and laborious it can be to install and wire 100% beeswax foundation onto wooden frames, th

    Pre-wired Wood Frames 9 1/8"

    Special Price $34.64
    Save up to $1.35 (3.75%)
    Out of stock
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