Looking for the most effective and easiest way to bottle honey? Look no further! GloryBee believes in using the right tools for bottling honey. We carry all the essential honey bottling equipment that expert beekeepers need including plastic pails with honey gates, containers, lids, and more. Shop our collection of honey bottling equipment to start bottling and selling your honey today.More about GloryBee Beekeeping


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  1. Sturdy Bung Wrench

    Sturdy Bung Wrench

  2. Sell or store your honey in these circular containers in both 12oz and 16oz sizes.

    Honey Containers with Lids

    (2 sizes)

    Save up to $9.24 (40.02%)
  3. Plastic gate for bucket

    Plastic Bucket Gate 1 1/2"

  4. Hex shaped jars made of heavy glass. Great for specialty honey, creamed honey, honey mustards, container candles, etc. SDoes not include lids, order lids separately under same item

    Hex Jars and Lids - each sold separately

    (8 sizes)

    Save up to $1.68 (40.1%)
  5. White plastic pail with handle. Discounts on 50 or more - call for details.

    White Plastic Pails and Lids

    (8 sizes)

    $1.59 - $7.99

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