The most rewarding part of beekeeping is extracting the honey. But to make sure you don't hurt the bees or damage the hive, you need right tools for the job! GloryBee supplies essential and advanced honey extraction equipment so you can get to that sweet reward easily and efficiently. From stainless steel extractors to metal double honey sieves and drum gaskets, GloryBee carries quality honey extraction equipment so you can find the right tool for extracting honey. Shop our collection of honey extracting equipment for all of your honey extracting needs.More about GloryBee Beekeeping


  1. For quick uncapping, this uncapping roller is made from food grade plastic. Use alone or with a knife. Useful for getting into corners where the knife may not reach.

    Uncapping Roller

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    Save up to $0.70 (9.22%)
  2. A one-way valve allowing bees to leave without letting them back in. Perfect for clearing supers before extracting.

    Porter Bee Escape

    Out of stock
  3. 2" Plastic Perfection Drum Gate

    2" Plastic Perfection Drum Gate

    Out of stock
  4. Clears supers fast without foul odors or chemical residues. A natural, non-toxic blend of oils & herbal extracts. Best results will be obtained on a sunny day, when the sun can heat the fume board. The super should be cleared in 2 to 5 minutes. Clear, det


    Special Price $14.29
    Save up to $2.50 (14.89%)
  5. A hive cover designed to hold bee repellent. The saturated board is placed over honey supers to drive bees out of the supers before harvesting.

    Fume Board

    Special Price $20.59
    Save up to $3.60 (14.88%)
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  6. Stinaless steel heater for Honey Storage Tank. Adjustable temperature.

    Stainless Steel Heater for Honey Storage Tank

    Special Price $130.39
    Save up to $14.50 (10.01%)
  7. This product does not ship via ups or FedEx. Before placing your order, please call 1-800-456-7923 to discuss shipping options. SS Honey Storage Tank with plasic Gate - 110lb Capacity

    Stainless Steel Honey Storage Tank w Gate 110lb Capacity

    Special Price $94.49
    Save up to $10.50 (10%)
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  8. Long life and durability are the benefits of this stainless steel 1 1//2" honey gate.

    Stainless Steel Honey Gate 1 1/2"

    Special Price $31.49
    Save up to $3.50 (10%)
  9. Dimensions: 24.5" L x 17.5" W x 10" H. Includes: Plastic tub with formed handles Honey gate 1-1//2" Stainless steel tub with Honey gate 2 stainless steel grate stand (removable) for stainless steel tub with honey gat Stainless steel tray for rack 2 stainl

    Stainless / Plastic Uncapping Tub Kit

    Special Price $146.69
    Save up to $16.30 (10%)
    Out of stock
  10. The screen can be left on while the adjustable doors allow the bees to exit the hive when ready. At the end of the season when robbing is prevalent you can eliminate robbing by putting the screen on your hives and opening the top exit above the aluminum c

    10 Frame Moving and Robbing Screen

    Special Price $20.39
    Save up to $3.60 (15.01%)
  11. The hard part is over and you’re ready to harvest! These sturdy and high-quality 100% food grade stainless steel or plastic hand crank extractors are perfect for getting every last bit of honey out of your frames. These extractors holds between two and fo


    (8 sizes)

    $269.99 - $386.99

    Save up to $30.00 (10%)
  12. All the tools needed for a hobby beekeeper to harvest their honey (except the extractor)! Kit includes a 6 gallon pail with gate, metal double honey sieve, stainless steel capping scratcher, cold uncapping knife, 5 gallon mesh filter bag and a comb capper

    Honey Harvesting Kit

    Special Price $80.39
    Save up to $8.90 (9.97%)
    Out of stock
  13. A handy tool that rests on the top of a 5 gallon bucket that allows for easy uncapping a frame of honeycomb. Fits any standard 5 gallon bucket. Underside recessed arch provides added stability. Hands-free capability allows user to walk away while frame si


    Special Price $31.29
    Save up to $5.50 (14.95%)
  14. Removes bees from your honey supers. Place between the brood chamber and the honey boxes for 48 hours. After 48 hours, remove the honey boxes (there should only be a handful of bees in them, if any) and replace the lid on the brood chamber. A two inch hol

    Bee Escape Board

  15. Scale range 12.0 to 30.0%, Minimum scale 0.1%, contains a temperature compensation scale; Dimensions are 4 cm x 4 cm x 17 cm.

    Refractometer With Automatic Temp

    Special Price $80.99
    Save up to $9.00 (10%)
  16. Metal Double Honey Sieve, For Straining Honey from Comb, Sits on Top of 5 Gallon Pail.

    Metal Double Honey Sieve

    Special Price $18.89
    Save up to $2.10 (10%)
  17. Bucket buster, lid remover

    Bucket Buster Lid Remover

  18. Uncapping is easy with either our cold uncapping knife or selection of electric uncapping knives.

    Uncapping Knives

    (3 sizes)

    $12.29 - $121.79

    Save up to $7.30 (9.93%)
  19. Drum gasket

    Drum Gasket

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