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96 Gram Bottle
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Note: The manufacturer of Fumaglin-B recently announced that they would no longer be producing fumagilin-b. The raw material supplier who manufactured the active ingredient (fumagilline DCH) has stopped production and Medivet will be ceasing operations as of June 2018. See the letter here.

GloryBee is actively investigating alternate products and methods of nosema treatment and will update this page once we have researched and found a product that helps treat nosema.


Add Fumagilin-B to sugar syrup to treat for Nosema disease caused by the microscopic Nosema Apis parasite. Colonies infected with Nosema disease are more susceptible to death during overwintering, slow to build up in the spring, and poor honey producers in summer. If the queen is infected, she will most likely be superceded.

This antibiotic powder leaves no residue in honey when used as directed.

Medication used to treat bees for nosema. A 2 gram bottle will make 80 liters of medicated syrup for feeding 22 package colonies or for fall feeding 12 wintering colonies.