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  1. Use this handy forming board to quickly and easily embed wires for your wired foundation. It also provides a sturdy surface to install foundation in your frames.

To use simply lay the frame with wired foundation and wire onto the forming board and use

    Forming Board

    Special Price $13.49
    Save up to $2.30 (14.57%)
  2. Pre-wired Foundation. A traditional style made easy for you. Just assemble frames and insert the foundation. For use with Wedged frames only.

    Wired Foundation

    (7 sizes)

    Save up to $5.90 (26.83%)
  3. A traditional style. For use with Wedged or Grooved frames. Requires wiring.

    Unwired Foundation

    (7 sizes)

    $15.19 - $214.19

    Save up to $2.70 (15.09%)
  4. For use with Duragilt or wax foundation for additional support without wires. Insert pins through wiring holes in end bars.

    Support Pins

    (2 sizes)

    $14.29 - $69.99

    Save up to $2.50 (14.89%)
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