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At GloryBee, we find it very important to create a safe environment for you and your bees. Using the proper protective gear when interacting with your beehive can be the difference between remaining safe or getting stung. Protect yourself with GloryBee beekeeper gloves and hats that are proven to keep you safe. Comfortable to wear, our beekeeping gloves, helmets, and other gear prevent you from getting stung and allow you to effectively manage your beehive. Browse our entire beekeeper gloves and hats collection below. Looking to complete your protection? Check out our suits and jackets.

Hats & Gloves

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  1. White plastic molded pith-type helmet wit adjustable Velcro band inside. Breathable mesh construction. Water resistant with bee-proof eyelets and washable terry sweat band.

    White Ventilated Helmet Adjustable

    Special Price $11.02
    Save up to $3.67 (24.98%)
  2. Drawstring Veil with attached hat, made of light weight polyester. One size fits all. A nice veil for doing quick work.

    Drawstring Veil with Attached Hat

    Out of stock
  3. A one-piece short mesh 'vest' and veil with two straps. Fencing veil style.

    Bee Vest with Fencing Veil

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