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GloryBee is the industry leader of beehive components and accessories. We offer generic and brand name beehive accessories, as well as our GloryBee brand, so you can get the most out of your beehive. Set is a breeze with beehive components specifically designed for keeping mice and other pests out of yor hive and collecting pollen and propolis. Order our beehive accessories today and get the most out of your hive. More about GloryBee Beekeeping

Hive Hardware

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  1. An extra way to make money with beekeeping is by collecting propolis and selling it along with your honey. Propolis is known as a natural antibiotic and many people use it as a part of their regular health routine. Our flexible propolis trap is made of pl

    Propolis Trap

  2. Install frame rests in supers to protect the wood where the frame sits and keep wooden ware protected. Sold in packs of 100. Use two frame rests per super. Attach with 3/4" nails.

    L-Shaped Frame Rests

    (2 sizes)

    Save up to $5.80 (14.91%)
  3. Used to secure hive parts for more stability in transport. 1 lb. package.

    Hive Staples

    Special Price $8.89
    Save up to $1.60 (15.25%)
  4. Wooden entrance reducer designed with two different sized entrances to use during different times of the year, depending on traffic and temperature. Use the smaller entrance when traffic is lower, or when starting a new hive. Affix entrance reducer on fro

    Entrance Reducer

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