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Kid's bee suilts

Beekeeping is a wonderful hobby that the whole family can enjoy. Teaching your family—especially kids—about the importance of bees is necessary for maintaining a healthy ecosystem. If you’re looking to introduce your child to the world of beekeeping, you’ll want to ensure they remain protected with a children’s bee suit. At GloryBee, we offer high-quality kids’ bee suits that ensure the safety of your child. We make the youth beekeeping suits and protective gear from a high-quality cotton-polyester blend that keeps your child protected and comfortable. Our selection of kids’ beekeeping suit essentials includes jackets, veils, and gloves. We offer both round and fencing veil styles which we design to keep the bees away from your child’s face. Shop our collection of kids’ bee suits today! More about GloryBee Beekeeping

Children's Bee Suits and Jackets

  1. his jacket has a Fencing-style veil which helps keep your little beekeeper cooler because it doesn’t require a hat.

    Youth Bee Jacket with Fencing Veil

    (4 sizes)

  2. Youth gloves made of Goat Skin leather

    Youth Bee Gloves

    (3 sizes)

  3. Round veil attached to a heavy-duty cotton polyester blend suit. All heavy duty bee suits come with elastic thumb straps, double Velcro closures, and zippers on the ankle cuffs for ease of putting on and taking off.

    Youth Bee Suit with Round Veil

    (4 sizes)

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