Bees are essential to our ecosystem because they pollinate plants and crops necessary for our survival. While fun and exciting, beekeeping with the right beekeeping equipment also helps increase the number of bees in our environment. The more beekeepers, the more healthy bees there are to pollinate and stimulate plant growth!
Discover the joy and rewards of beekeeping! Whether you’re a novice or an experienced beekeeper, we have all the beekeeping supplies you need to keep bees. Find suits, beehives, extractors and other beekeeping equipment to make your season a sweet success. More about GloryBee Honey


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  1. Plastic feeder attachment for quart size canning jar. Entrance feeder. Does not include jar.

    Boardman Feeder

    (2 sizes)

    $1.09 - $3.69

  2. Wooden entrance reducer designed with two different sized entrances to use during different times of the year, depending on traffic and temperature. Use the smaller entrance when traffic is lower, or when starting a new hive. Affix entrance reducer on fro

    Entrance Reducer

    Special Price $1.42
    Save up to $1.07 (42.97%)
  3. This tool comes with two side brackets that attach on each side to the entrance of the hive. Once brackets are attached the entrance reducer/ mouse guard piece can be inserted from the top. One side of the reducer is used as a mouse guard and the other si

    Metal Entrance Reducer & Mouse Guard

    Special Price $1.79
    Save up to $0.60 (25.1%)
  4. Isolating and marking the queen in any direction or angle makes this marker gentler and safer on queens.

    Queen Marking Tube

  5. Hex shaped jars made of heavy glass. Great for specialty honey, creamed honey, honey mustards, container candles, etc. SDoes not include lids, order lids separately under same item

    Hex Jars and Lids - each sold separately

    (8 sizes)

    $2.51 - $3.17

    Save up to $1.68 (40.1%)
  6. This frame hammer is the perfect size and weight to tap in small fame nails without damaging the wooden frames.

    Frame Hammer

    Special Price $2.99
    Save up to $1.00 (25.06%)
  7. White plastic pail with handle. Discounts on 50 or more - call for details.

    White Plastic Pails and Lids

    (8 sizes)

    $2.99 - $7.99

  8. What are we saving? The bees! Show your support for our favorite pollinators with this stylish Save the Bee sticker. Measures 3x4 inches and is suitable for indoor or outdoor uses.

    Save the Bee Decal 3" x 4"

  9. An economical hive tool. Yellow painted steel with nail pulling slot, 10". Bent edge works well for scraping.

    Standard Hive Tool

    Special Price $3.14
    Save up to $1.05 (25.06%)
  10. A heavy duty excluder with slightly larger holes to provide more comfort for the bees to pass through while ensuring that the queen does not lay eggs in the honey supers and the honey within these supers stays clean.

    Queen Excluders

    (2 sizes)

    $3.69 - $8.39

  11. This pint glass holds a American pint (16oz) of your favorite beverage. Sporting the Save The Bee logo on one side, and the GloryBee logo on the reverse, this glass is the perfect way to show your support for Save The Bee while enjoying drinks of any kind

    Save the Bee Pint Glass

  12. One pair of straps for legs of coveralls; keeps bees from flying up loose pant legs.

    Leg Strap (Pair)

  13. Everything you need from start to finish as a beginning beekeeper. 5 1//2 " X 8 1//2". 23 pages, Booklet

    Instructional Beekeeping Booklet

    Out of stock
  14. New style of hive tool with a flat end for prying apart boxes and a hook for lifting frames and scraping hard to reach corners.

    Stainless Steel Palm Tool

    Special Price $5.24
    Save up to $1.75 (25.04%)
  15. Install frame rests in supers to protect the wood where the frame sits and keep wooden ware protected. Sold in packs of 100. Use two frame rests per super. Attach with 3/4" nails.

    L-Shaped Frame Rests

    (2 sizes)

    $5.29 - $29.17

    Save up to $9.72 (24.99%)
  16. A beekeeper favorite! This tool has a sharp, flat end for prying apart boxes and a J hook for lifting frames.

    Stainless Steel J Hook Hive Tool

    Special Price $6.29
    Save up to $2.10 (25.03%)
  17. This smoker fuelis made from cotton fibers so its easy to light and will stay lit longer. It produces a cool smoke that is preferred by us and many other beekeepers. From our experience, it can be difficult to find a smoker fuel that works as well as this

    Smoker Fuel

    Special Price $7.27
    Save up to $2.42 (24.97%)
  18. An extra way to make money with beekeeping is by collecting propolis and selling it along with your honey. Propolis is known as a natural antibiotic and many people use it as a part of their regular health routine. Our flexible propolis trap is made of pl

    Propolis Trap

  19. For quick uncapping, this uncapping roller is made from food grade plastic. Use alone or with a knife. Useful for getting into corners where the knife may not reach.

    Uncapping Roller

  20. Scrape off the wax and propolis and reach between the wires of metal excluders with this handy tool with teeth on each side that are spaced slightly different to fit most excluder designs. Do
not use with plastic excluders.

    Queen Excluder Cleaning Tool

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