Bees are essential to our ecosystem because they pollinate plants and crops necessary for our survival. While fun and exciting, beekeeping with the right beekeeping equipment also helps increase the number of bees in our environment. The more beekeepers, the more healthy bees there are to pollinate and stimulate plant growth!
Discover the joy and rewards of beekeeping! Whether you’re a novice or an experienced beekeeper, we have all the beekeeping supplies you need to keep bees. Find suits, beehives, extractors and other beekeeping equipment to make your season a sweet success. More about GloryBee Honey


  1. For shipping and transporting queens. Keep queen with adequate food and water in a cage no longer than 2 weeks.

    Plastic Queen Cage

    Special Price $0.82
    Save up to $0.27 (24.77%)
  2. Need to make some room to inspect your frames? These stainless steel frame holders come as a pair for left and right sides of super. Frame Holders attach to the side of the super to hold several frames.

    Stainless Steel Frame Holders (Pair)

  3. New style of hive tool with a flat end for prying apart boxes and a hook for lifting frames and scraping hard to reach corners.

    Stainless Steel Palm Tool

    Special Price $5.24
    Save up to $1.75 (25.04%)
  4. Hive tool kit. All the tools you need to tend to your hive.

    Hive Tool Kit

    Special Price $39.37
    Save up to $13.12 (25%)
  5. This plastic 9-frame spacing tool is an economical alternative to the traditional metal frame spacing tool.

    Plastic Frame Spacing Tool

    Out of stock
  6. Give a swarming colony an ideal home. When used in conjunction with a swarm lure, swarming honeybees find these swarm traps irresistible. They are constructed of a molded fiber material that will hold up through the many swarm seasons, mimicking the hollo

    Swarm Trap

  7. Emits a slow release blend of phermones that attract the swarm and entices the scout bees to declare the swarm trap a suitable new home. Use one pack per trap.

    Swarm Lure

  8. Heavy duty frame grip for loosening and lifting frames out of hives. Single-handed operation.

    Frame Grip Small

    Special Price $3.74
    Save up to $1.25 (25.05%)
  9. An economical hive tool. Yellow painted steel with nail pulling slot, 10". Bent edge works well for scraping.

    Standard Hive Tool

    Special Price $3.14
    Save up to $1.05 (25.06%)
  10. Use a capping scratcher to perforate the cells before placing frames in the extractor. Also useful when sampling honey to uncap a small section of a frame.

    Stainless Steel Capping Scratcher

  11. A soft, nylon bristle brush ideal for gently sweeping bees off of a frame or into a nuc box when hiving a swarm.

    Bee Brush

    Special Price $5.54
    Save up to $1.85 (25.03%)
  12. GloryBee Smokers to help calm your bees

    Bee Smokers

    (2 sizes)

    $18.74 - $22.49

    Save up to $6.25 (25.01%)
  13. This smoker fuelis made from cotton fibers so its easy to light and will stay lit longer. It produces a cool smoke that is preferred by us and many other beekeepers. From our experience, it can be difficult to find a smoker fuel that works as well as this

    Smoker Fuel

    Special Price $7.27
    Save up to $2.42 (24.97%)
  14. Use with ventilated helmet (not included). See item 15796. One size fits all with drawstring.

    Round Wire Veil with Drawstring

  15. This is the most popular veil used for beekeeping. We highly recommend this one-size-fits-all veil for those beekeepers who don’t like wearing a full suit or jacket. This veil can conveniently be worn with jeans and a long sleeved shirt.

    Folding Wire Veil with Drawstring

  16. Youth gloves made of Goat Skin leather

    Youth Bee Gloves

    (3 sizes)

  17. A one-piece short mesh 'vest' and veil with two straps. Fencing veil style.

    Bee Vest with Fencing Veil

  18. Drawstring Veil with attached hat, made of light weight polyester. One size fits all. A nice veil for doing quick work.

    Drawstring Veil with Attached Hat

  19. White plastic molded pith-type helmet wit adjustable Velcro band inside. Breathable mesh construction. Water resistant with bee-proof eyelets and washable terry sweat band.

    White Ventilated Helmet Adjustable

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