Bees are essential to our ecosystem because they pollinate plants and crops necessary for our survival. While fun and exciting, beekeeping with the right beekeeping equipment also helps increase the number of bees in our environment. The more beekeepers, the more healthy bees there are to pollinate and stimulate plant growth!
Discover the joy and rewards of beekeeping! Whether you’re a novice or an experienced beekeeper, we have all the beekeeping supplies you need to keep bees. Find suits, beehives, extractors and other beekeeping equipment to make your season a sweet success. More about GloryBee Honey


  1. We know how time consuming and frustrating it can be to get every last drop of your sweet honey out of the extractor or pail. This handy little tool will help cut down on the time and frustration. Light-weight and easy-to-grip, you can use it to scrape...

    Plastic Scraper

    Special Price $0.99
    Save up to $0.10 (9.17%)
  2. For shipping and transporting queens. Keep queen with adequate food and water in a cage no longer than 2 weeks.

    Plastic Queen Cage

    Special Price $0.99
    Save up to $0.10 (9.17%)
  3. Easily mark your queens with a small dot on their back (thorax) in order to quickly locate them inside the hive and track their age. In addition marking queens makes it easy to see if they've been replaced or track when spli

    Blue Queen Marking Pen

    Special Price $1.40
    Save up to $2.59 (64.91%)
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  4. Includes 20 plastic queen cell cups and base bar. Easily attaches to the inside of a wooden frame. Up to 4 bars will fit on a deep wooden frame. Queen cell cups need to be attached to base with wax.

    Plastic Queen Cell Cup with Base

    Special Price $1.79
    Save up to $0.30 (14.35%)
  5. We recommend using this cedar entrance reducer in combination with our 8-frame cedar beekeeping equipment. The tapered shape of this reducer fits perfectly at the hive entrance created by our Assembled 8-Frame Cedar Screened Bottom Board and Cedar 8-Frame

    Cedar Entrance Reducer 8 Frame

    Special Price $2.99
    Save up to $0.50 (14.33%)
  6. Use a capping scratcher to perforate the cells before placing frames in the extractor. Also useful when sampling honey to uncap a small section of a frame.

    Stainless Steel Capping Scratcher

    Special Price $3.29
    Save up to $0.40 (10.84%)
  7. This frame hammer is the perfect size and weight to tap in small fame nails without damaging the wooden frames.

    Frame Hammer

    Special Price $3.59
    Save up to $0.60 (14.32%)
  8. Strain your honey with cheesecloth to eliminate unwanted substances from your harvest. 100% pure lint-free cotton. 3.5 Yard Bag

    Cotton Cheesecloth - 3.5 Yards

    Special Price $5.69
    Save up to $0.60 (9.54%)
  9. New style of hive tool with a flat end for prying apart boxes and a hook for lifting frames and scraping hard to reach corners.

    Stainless Steel Palm Tool

    Special Price $6.19
    Save up to $1.06 (14.62%)
  10. Two tools in one. A frame puller and a multi-use flat head screw driver end to use as necessary in and out of the hive.

    Mini Frame Grip with Tool

    Special Price $6.29
    Save up to $1.10 (14.88%)
  11. The basic function of a queen excluder is to ensure that the queen doesn't lay eggs in the honey supers ensuring that they stay clean. Queen excluders are placed in between the brood boxes and the honey supers. They are carefully designed so that worker b

    Metal Queen Excluder for 8-frame Hive

    Special Price $6.69
    Save up to $1.20 (15.21%)
  12. For quick uncapping, this uncapping roller is made from food grade plastic. Use alone or with a knife. Useful for getting into corners where the knife may not reach.

    Uncapping Roller

    Special Price $6.89
    Save up to $0.70 (9.22%)
  13. Used to secure hive parts for more stability in transport. 1 lb. package.

    Hive Staples

    Special Price $8.89
    Save up to $1.60 (15.25%)
  14. Queen Cell Bar Frame, 9 5/8"

    Queen Cell Bar Frame, 9 1/8"

    Special Price $9.49
    Save up to $1.60 (14.43%)
    Out of stock
  15. Spool Wire 26 Gauge

    Spool Wire 26 Gauge

    (2 sizes)

    $9.89 - $20.59

    Save up to $3.60 (14.88%)
  16. When working your bees, it's important to have a smoker that works for an extended amount of time. A key element to making sure your smoker works long enough, is to use the right smoker fuel. Some smoker fuels are...

    Burlap Smoker Fuel

    Special Price $10.19
    Save up to $1.80 (15.01%)
  17. Embed wire into wax foundation by rolling the spur along the wire, pressing it into the wax. Heating the spur in boiling water will make it easier for the wire to be embedded.

    Spur Wire Embedder

    Special Price $10.69
    Save up to $1.90 (15.09%)
  18. This plastic 9-frame spacing tool is an economical alternative to the traditional metal frame spacing tool.

    Plastic Frame Spacing Tool

    Special Price $12.09
    Save up to $2.10 (14.8%)
  19. Removes bees from your 8 frame honey supers. Place between the brood chamber and the honey boxes for 48 hours. After 48 hours, remove the honey boxes (there should only be a handful of bees in them if any) and replace the lid on the brood chamber. A two-i

    Assembled Bee Escape Board for 8-frame Hive

    Special Price $13.49
    Save up to $2.30 (14.57%)
  20. Unassembled 6 5/8" Super for 8-Frame Hive

    Unassembled 6 5/8" Super for 8-Frame Hive

    Special Price $13.49
    Save up to $2.30 (14.57%)
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