Cooking is as challenging as enjoyable, but every avid chef of any skill level is bound to have some tricks up their sleeves. There are several ways to increase the efficiency of your baking processes, but not everyone is keen to share their secrets. To prepare you for your next culinary masterpiece, these are eight unbelievable baking hacks for every kitchen that immediately make your life easier. 

Soften Butter Quickly

Butter is undeniably delicious, but waiting for it to warm is a hassle. Cutting it into smaller chunks helps decrease the wait time on them. By reducing their size, more of the surface transfers heat away from the butter to soften it.

Serve Even Batter

While homemade muffins are sweet treats to enjoy, they aren’t always portioned evenly. Using a cookie scooper for batter keeps portions even. This is a great way to create a uniform look once they finish baking.

Scoop Eggshells

The last thing you want when you get eggshells in your egg is to fish it out by hand. The shell is perfectly equipped to do the job for you. Using the leftover shell like a tiny cup to capture shell fragments saves time.

Ziplock Piping 

A ziplock plastic bag is an answer for those who don’t want to buy a new piping tool for their icing. By cutting an x shape with scissors in the corner of the bag, you are ready to fill and use. This is great in emergencies when you don’t have a clean piping bag on hand.

Get Fluffier Pancakes

Leaving your pancake batter on the lumpier side allows them to grow more when they bake. Adding a pinch of baking soda to the mix is another good solution for those obsessed with extra fluff. Fluffier pancakes are always more fun to enjoy this way.

Easy Cookie Cuts

Using tools to cut your cookies into shapes usually gets sticky and messy. A great way to avoid this is to coat the cutter lightly with flour. This allows the cutter to hold on to less of the batter upon each use.

Mixer Blocker

Using a mixer often gets messy and a little splatter on the counter. Cutting two holes in a paper plate where your mixer connects to the handle is a great way to avoid the mess. Placing the plate above the mixing bowl helps reduce the mess in the end.

Avoid Pockets in Cake

An air pocket in your cake reduces its stability and makes it less enjoyable. Before placing it in the oven, drop the baking pan a few times. This eliminates any bubble that potentially causes this issue afterward.

Baking is a fun home activity sure to spark creativity in you. The next time you’re on the hunt for some wholesale baking ingredients, you’re sure to complete your dish at a record pace. Considering these eight unbelievable baking hacks for every kitchen, you are likely to find some new favorites to use.