Increasing parity/equality in at work is important for our society, and our business. Unfortunately, women leaders leave the workplace at twice the rate of men, and female executives leave at 4 times the rate of their male counterparts. As a B Corp, GloryBee tracks women leadership and inclusion and diversity metrics. GloryBee is majority women-owned, and 45% of our leadership team are women.  Here’s a little of what we’ve learned so far, and some notes on how to ensure equality is supported in the workplace.

  1. Confront bias:

Holding implicit bias training for all employees helps ensures that all employees can recognize bias when they see it. Tracking metrics means that there is oversight on how the company is performing. Awareness is the first step to dismantling implicit bias and creating a more inclusive workplace.

  1. Support employees through life transitions:

A common misconception is that life transitions mean having kids and getting married. These are big changes, but other life transitions can include changes in health, relationships, family member’s health, and changes in financial situations. When employees are supported through all life transitions, they feel more secure in their position and more loyal to their company.

  1. Lead and model change:

Leaders that model change and good work-life balance create a healthy working culture throughout the company. Leaders can leverage their position to forge a healthy path for other employees and set expectations that employees will place their own wellbeing over their work.

  1. Lift as you climb:

Training for all employees means that each employee has the opportunity to learn, be challenged, and advance their career. Lifting everyone up helps create natural diversity in management and executive roles, creates growth opportunities and helps retain employees long term, which adds value to the company and reduces turnover.

We are thankful to the BCorp community for coming alongside businesses that want to Be the Change, and for supporting better businesses and better workplaces across the globe. Find out more about GloryBee’s BCorp certification at