honeyIt’s been a banner year for GloryBee’s SAVE the BEE® social initiative all culminating with a $90k donation to Oregon State University Honey Bee Lab on Friday, April 20. SAVE the BEE started in 2012 with a goal to impact organizations dedicated to saving honeybees and researching bee health issues. As part of their mission to support ongoing education about the important issue of honeybee health, SAVE the BEE supports the Oregon State Honey Bee Labs’ research on bee nutrition, habitat and health, and works closely with beekeeping associations across the nation to facilitate education about the care of bees.

With honeybee colony losses at staggering numbers (33% reported for 2017), research and funding is critical in making a difference in honeybee health which affects the overall pollinated food supply. “A third of all food we eat can be traced back to honeybee pollination. It’s important for GloryBee to work with Oregon State University Honey Bee Lab so we ensure our own food supply. It’s been our honor to facilitate education and fundraising efforts for SAVE the BEE,” says RaeJean Wilson, Executive Vice President of GloryBee.


Developed by honey and natural ingredient company GloryBee, SAVE the BEE is a partnership of businesses, consumers and researchers committed to supporting hive health in the face of declining bee populations. Beyond making honey, bees pollinate food crops and plants, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and nuts, SAVE the BEE aims to end the crisis of declining bee populations by driving awareness, educating beekeepers, and funding research into both cause and solutions.

Together, we can SAVE the BEE! Join us at here.