The term “pie” arose around 1303, and since then, its presence has grown exponentially in modern society. There's nothing better than smelling coffee brewing and seeing a family member around the corner with your favorite pie. That first bite can send you on a journey to the past or bring you the comfort you didn't know you needed. The best part about pie is that there are so many different types; find out the top five most popular fruit pies in America.


If you find yourself in Maine, then you should know its citizens love blueberry pie. In fact, Maine is responsible for growing 99 percent of all blueberries in the US. You can expect to find some of the best blueberry pies in this state!


Although it's not the type we can sink our teeth into, pumpkin is a fruit, nonetheless. It's no surprise that pumpkin is one of the most loved and popular pies in America. When you think about holidays like Thanksgiving, you can't picture it without finishing the meal with a pumpkin pie. Just don't forget a dollop of whip on top, and you have a pie you'll love every year!


When you think about quintessential America, you can't help but imagine a warm, crumbly apple pie accompanied by a scoop of cold vanilla bean ice cream. If apples and pie are a great combo, then apple pie and ice cream are even better, as nothing can defeat that incredible flavor. 

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If you've ever watched Twin Peaks, then you're likely familiar with Special Agent Dale Cooper's habit of giving himself a present "every day, once a day." This present was usually a piping hot cup of black coffee and a slice of cherry pie. This pie flavor is so delicious, and you can give it to yourself as a present every day and still find yourself enjoying its tart, sweet flavor. 

Key Lime

Yes, it may seem surprising, but a key lime is actually a citrus fruit hybrid, so it qualifies for our list. That's a great thing seeing as key lime pie is an incredibly popular fruit pie in the Florida Keys of all places, believe it or not.