Most people assume that honey is primarily a food topping and an added sweetener. This syrup does add plenty of taste value to any recipe, but it has far more uses than just flavor enhancement. In fact, multiple industries rely on honey to add texture, taste, and value to their products. In this article, we’ll discuss the top industries that use honey in their products. To learn more about these businesses, continue reading below.

The Food and Beverage Industry

The most-known industry that uses honey is the food and beverage industry. This is not surprising, considering that honey is a heavily consumed everyday ingredient. According to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, the United States’ per-capita consumption of honey was 1.5 pounds in 2021. Businesses sell honey both as an individual syrup and a critical ingredient in most standard recipes. For example, restaurants, cafes, and bakeries all depend on honey to elevate the flavor of their products.

The Cosmetics Industry

When you own a cosmetics business, finding effective, gentle formulas to keep consumers’ skin clear is essential. As more and more cosmetics companies have learned through the past few decades, honey is one of the best components to add to cleansing, toning, and moisturizing formulas. Honey’s viscous texture make it ideal for naturally exfoliating and revitalizing the skin, If you’re searching for a critical ingredient to elevate your skin-care or makeup line, honey could be the perfect addition.

The Pet Food Industry

Honey isn’t just delicious for human beings—animals enjoy this sweet ingredient as well. In fact, including honey in pet food products can be beneficial. Honey can help improve the texture of food formulas. Therefore, plenty of pet-food businesses included honey in their products. Consider adding this to your business’s products if you have not done so already.

Cooking & Baking Industries

Any business within the food manufacturing industry, no matter how big or how small, needs to go through a rigorous approval process. You need to find a supplier that can not only meet stringent product quality requirements, but also meets the high standards for farming and sustainability. That’s why finding the right partner for bulk and wholesale honey is essential for this industry. 

These are just a handful of the top industries that use honey products. To learn more about how to order bulk wholesale honey for your food, cosmetics, pet, or cooking business, browse the GloryBee website for more information.