oney is a great treat on its own or as an ingredient in various drinks and desserts. However, when it comes to ensuring the quality of your food products, there are a few things to consider about honey. For those looking to increase their business standards, here are some things to look for when buying honey in bulk.

Nectar Source

The flowers from which the bees gather the honey determine its flavor. Whether you want an assortment of flavors or are looking to specialize in a specific one, knowing what each one tastes like is important. Alternatively, if your customers prefer a specific kind, it’s a good idea to cater to their needs. Sometimes, people don’t like the local variety, and finding one from another state or country is a better option.

Raw or Pasteurized

There are slight differences between raw and pasteurized honey that are worth knowing. For example, while pasteurized honey can have a more uniform taste over time, the heating and filtering process can remove particles it and allows the honey go for a longer period of time before crystallization. This is helpful when business owners are not certain how quickly they can sell the honey.

Honey Color

Honey color can be indicative of the floral source of the honey. Although not an exact science, typically the color gives you an idea of how strong the honey tastes. Lighter kinds of honey are the best options for those who only want to lightly sweeten their drink. Alternatively, darker honey has less water and more nutrients for a stronger "Honey" taste, but not everyone prefers this flavor. 

The next time you are looking for bulk honey to buy, you should consider the different factors that play a part in your honey’s flavor. Ensuring you have one that perfectly blends with most foods is the key to finding success with your customers. These things to look for when buying honey in bulk are a good place to start when searching for the perfect kind you need.