Conservative or liberal? Democrat or Republican? It’s a presidential election year and the air waves are full of political activists trying to persuade us to vote for their favorite candidate. With so many political philosophies out there all claiming to be the best system of government, how can we decide which solution is best for a free and just society?

To answer this, it may be wise to look at all the different structures of communities throughout history and see if a truly “perfect” form of society has ever existed. After doing the research ourselves, we have found that a perfect society has existed-- and in fact, still exists. Honey bees just might hold the key to our nation’s peace and prosperity.

Three life lessons Society can learn from the Honey Bee:

  1. Be prepared: Disasters can hit at any time. Hard times strike at the most unpredictable times and honey bees show us that being ready for anything is critical for survival. Shortages and scarcity are a reality of life. Living within our means by using only what we need and planning for the future seem to be forgotten values of our modern society. By following the examples of the honey bee, we can unite this nation and prosper.
  2. We’re all in this together: Honey bee colonies have tens of thousands of bees all working together as one organism. Nurse bees, builder bees, foraging bees – the honey bees have a division of labor where all the bees have roles and responsibilities and contribute to the best of their ability. Our nation of millions will soon erode away if everyone is not committed to contributing to society as they best are able. Cooperation is the key to achieving the extraordinary and honey bees show us how we can thrive when we all use our gifts and talents and work together.
  3. It’s not what you say, but how you say it: Communication is at the heart of community. A beekeeper may know that a hive is getting agitated by the pitch of its buzzing, but honey bees don’t just communicate by buzzing. They use a complex variety of methods. So often people will use words, but their tone of voice or body language say a totally different message. The language of bees is one of honesty and wholeness – they wiggle and vibrate and use pheromones and as far as research has shown, they are never misunderstood. A society that is honest and transparent in its intentions has unlimited potential for growth and prosperity.

Humans are different from honey bees, each of us with unique skills, talents, experiences and belief systems. We may not all agree on which system of government is best, but we can agree that if we practice these three lessons from the honey bees, the world would be a “sweeter” place.