Bees work hard to make their honey. In fact, to make one pound of organic honey, a honey bee would have to fly 90,000 miles, the equivalent of 3 three times around the globe. That sure is a commitment!

So with this in mind, it only makes sense that we honor the fruits of their labor. While many people think that raw honey, pure royal jelly, and organic bee pollen are only for consuming, there are actually a lot of really interesting uses for this magic ingredient.

Here are some unique uses for honey that you may not have thought of.

To moisturize your skin

One of the best benefits of honey is that it is a humectant, which means it draws moisture into your skin. Because of this, you can add honey into a variety of skincare products and reap a bunch of benefits -- mainly, hydrated and smooth skin. You can even use honey in your hair for the same effect, just use it sparingly or it can be hard to wash out.

Boosts your energy

Ditch the processed sugars the next time you're feeling a bit low on energy, and have some honey instead. Organic honey's natural glucose will be better absorbed by your body, and you won't feel a sugar crash afterward.

Keep your fruit fresh

We've all been there craving fresh summer berries in the middle of winter. Well, with honey's help, you are able to enjoy just that. All you need to do is make a simple honey solution with 1 part honey to 10 parts water, and spray your fruit liberally. Pop your fruit in the freezer and defrost whenever you are looking for a sweet treat.

Sooth your raw throat

Honey is naturally soothing and will give immense relief if your throat is feeling scratchy or raw. Simply mix some honey with a squirt of lemon, and either freeze drops for a cool relief, or eat by the tablespoon. Soon your throat rawness will be long gone.

What honey remedy are you going to use? Honey is truly a magical ingredient, so use it liberally, in whatever you do!

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