Even if you’ve never had a slice of pizza that was terrible, you’ve definitely had slices that were more memorable than others. The most crucial component to creating a delicious pie is ensuring you have the highest-quality dough. Your base will be the aspect that makes or breaks your pizza. It makes sense that you want to create a pizza that will encourage customers to return for more, so you need to know the best types of flour for making pizza dough.

Bread Flour

It certainly makes sense that bread flour would be a phenomenal choice for your pizza dough. You can expect a pie with a springy texture and fluffiness when you use this flour. One part you’ll love is that you get the best of both worlds, as bread flour is also perfect for attaining that crunchy, crispy edge. 

If you plan to bake thin-crust pizza, then consider using bread flour. The reason bread flour is such a great option is due to the high protein and gluten content, which gives a chewy yet crunchy finish. 

Wheat Flour

You might think that whole wheat flour isn’t a good option for pizza dough, but that isn’t entirely true. The best way to use wheat flour is to ensure that you choose an option that yields a high protein content. 

At Glorybee, we have the best organic high-protein whole wheat flour for you to use. The reason our wheat flour is so high quality is due to the gentle milling process that creates fine, granulated flour. Using our wheat flour will make your dough smooth and voluminous. 

Pizza Flour

One of the best types of flour for making pizza dough is none other than pizza flour. Our pizza flour utilizes hard red winter wheat to create a strong yet fluffy dough that is quite enjoyable. Try using our pizza flour with flatbreads or Neapolitan-style crusts.

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