The greatest benefit to certain dry foods is their ability to last for long periods of time when stored properly. This comes in handy for a number of reasons, including having a long-lasting inventory to sell or emergency rations in case of a crisis. Regardless of your needs, here are a few types of dry foods that have the longest shelf life.

White Rice

White rice is one of the best fillers for any meal. With that in mind, it is best to store this grain at lower temperatures or with oxygen absorbers. When done properly, uncooked white rice is capable of lasting anywhere from 2 to 10 years. The shelf life highly depends on the area it is in, but typically, it takes a while for this food to spoil on its own.


Similar to rice, pasta lasts a long time when stored in a sealed container. It is good to know that uncooked pasta does not really expire per se, but it loses quality once it gets close to two years of storage. Wholesale food suppliers are sure to have an easy time selling or holding on to pasta because it doesn’t require much maintenance besides making sure the container is sealed. 


While it still lasts a long time, flour does not have the longevity of hard grains and foods. An unopened bag of flour can last upward of 10 years when stored with oxygen absorbers. However, if not stored in airtight containers or if already opened, flour lasts anywhere from three to eight months. 

Dried Fruits and Vegetables

Dehydrated foods have a surprisingly long shelf life. While it depends on the type of food and storage methods used, dehydrated foods are capable of lasting around 10 to 30 years or more. However, it is important to ensure that the fruits or vegetables are completely dehydrated. Otherwise, their shelf life dwindles down to between four months to a year.

Having a good inventory of dry foods to sell is a great way to avoid having to keep an eye on their quality given their natural longevity. While these items cannot always be eaten out of the box, it doesn’t take long to prepare them. Hopefully, by considering a few of these dry foods that have the longest shelf life, you will have an easier time stocking up for your next busy season or getting ready for an emergency.