It seems like restaurants are constantly popping in and out of existence; when one leaves, another soon takes its place. It’s no secret that the restaurant business is cutthroat and remaining in business takes serious effort and maybe a bit of luck. That’s why many restaurants are beginning to evolve and change to attract new customers. That’s one of the many reasons why restaurants are replacing sugar with honey.

Tastes Better

You might find it surprising, but many people prefer the taste of honey to sugar. That might be due in part to the incredible variety that honey tends to come in. Its flavor can change due to several factors. For example, you might find that honey can have a different taste, even from the same hive, based entirely on the flower the bees used to find nectar. That results in floral, citrus, or even oaky notes, which can also change the color of the honey itself. 

Shelf Stable 

One of the main reasons restaurants are replacing sugar with honey is because it’s shelf stable. That means it can remain in your inventory for quite a while. In fact, honey can’t go bad when you store it properly. It might darken or crystallize, but it’s still safe for consumption. 

Therefore, you can purchase honey in bulk for your restaurant and never have to worry about throwing it out if it goes bad. Are you looking for wholesale food suppliers? At Glorybee, we have numerous varieties of honey and so many more products for your restaurant.  

Sweeter Than Sugar  

Yes, it’s true. Honey is actually sweeter than sugar, so you can use less of it and get more from it. In the short- and long run, you end up saving on additional restaurant costs when you use honey. However, if you’re making the total switch to honey from sugar, you must adjust your recipes to accommodate that extra sweetness.