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Butterfly Applique Mold

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Butterfly Applique Mold

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Clear 27 millimeter food grade plastic (BPA free) mold with 14 cavities.

These tiny little molds work wonderfully to make small guest sized soaps, bath melts or bath bombs.  A charming display idea is to gather a bunch of them in a dish near the sink or bathtub.  They can also be used to make small soaps to embed within a larger bar of clear glycerin soap.  Another idea is to use them to make scented wax melts.  Simply melt your wax, add the scent of your choice, allow the wax to completely harden, pop out of the mold, place in your wax warmer and enjoy!  They make great party favors, gift basket fillers or simply just for fun. 

Finished Soap Size

This mold makes 14 butterflies that measure 1.125 inches tall by 1.5 inches wide by .25 inches in depth.  It will make approximately 60 butterflies per pound of soap. 

Temperature Restrictions

This mold can tolerate temperatures up to 120 degrees F.  Warping may occur if pouring soap in above these temperatures.  Soap is easiest to release 12 to 24 hours after cooling. 

Additional Notes

Measurements and weights listed above are approximate.  These molds are food grade and can be used to make candy or chocolate.  Wash molds in warm, soapy water.  Avoid putting in the dishwasher as this may cause the molds to become brittle and/or warp.