Cedar Entrance Reducer 8 Frame


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We recommend using this cedar entrance reducer in combination with our 8-frame cedar beekeeping equipment. The tapered shape of this reducer fits perfectly at the hive entrance created by our Assembled 8-Frame Cedar Screened Bottom Board and Cedar 8-Frame 9 5/8" Super. To use, simply place on top of the bottom board at the entrance of the hive with the narrow tapered side inserted at the entrance and the notched cut-out in the middle facing down. Entrance reducers are most commonly used in the winter to prevent cold air and moisture from entering the hive as well as when starting out new colonies to prevent intruders.

Our cedar beekeeping equipment is made from premium kiln-dried 100% Western Cedar. Compared to other softwoods such as pine, cedar is known to contain natural tannins that protect against rotting and decay. The kiln-drying ensures consistent moisture levels in the wood which minimizes warping and cracking.

Each reducer measures 1 5/8" wide x 12 1/8" long x 7/8" tall (on the widest side).