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Organic and non-GMO confections & honey for candy making

Honey is the perfect ingredient for making confections and candies. It can be easily blended into your confection recipes to create sweets like taffy, hard candy, fudge, brittle, or toffee. GloryBee offers a diverse assortment of organic and non-GMO honey. Shop now. 

SQF Certification

Food safety is paramount at GloryBee. That is why all of our facilities are SQF Certified. The Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program is a rigorous and credible third-party food safety and quality program that ensures our products are stored and transported in strict accordance with industry best practices.

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Wholesome and Delicious Confections Made with Honey

As an ingredient, natural honey adds both a delectable texture and sweet flavor profile to confections and candy. Honey is also up to 1.5x times sweeter than sugar, making it a margin-efficient natural sweetener for wholesalers that delivers the flavor modern consumers have come to love and expect from the candies and confections they enjoy most.

How we give

We’re on a mission to SAVE the BEE! Giving back to our community has been a non-negotiable part of GloryBee’s vision and mission for over forty-five years. We believe that by demonstrating sustainability in our daily operations, we can work together to create a better world.

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Using honey to create your next batch of confections and candies? GloryBee offers a wide variety of natural and organic honey online for crafting sweets and confectionary treats.. Explore our selection of bulk honey and confections for wholesalers.

Wholesale Organic & Non-GMO Confections & Honey

Looking for honey for your wholesale or industrial confection and candy making needs? GloryBee can help. We offer high-quality, clean label approved honey available in bulk in both natural and organic varieties. Use our convenient online store to place your next order with us, and have it delivered right to your facility. 

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Custom Blending & Application Support. Looking for something else? We offer custom blending and can help you choose the right honey for your specific application.