Cold Uncapping Knife

Size: 1 Each (Cold Uncapping Knife)

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Electric uncapping knives can be fairly expensive.  If you are just getting started in beekeeping, have just a couple of hives and are hesitant about making a large investment in an uncapping knife, you will find that our cold uncapping knife is a great, inexpensive alternative to other expensive options.

Compared to other cold uncapping knives on the market, ours is one of the least expensive but still maintains a very high-quality.

Our cold uncapping knife was designed specifically for cutting through wax.  It features a thin metal blade with serrated edges and a pointed tip which can be used to pierce hard to reach honey-filled comb in the corners of the frames.  The wooden handle has a comfortable grip and is offset from the blade making it easier to maneuver.  It can be used cold, however, to speed up the uncapping process and to make it go more smoothly, we highly suggest to dip the knife in hot water in between cuts.   To speed up the process even more, you could purchase 2 knives (which would still be considerably less expensive than an electric knife) and switch them out in hot water when one starts to get cold.

It measures 16” long by 1.3125” wide and can be cleaned in warm, soapy water.