About GloryBee Aromatherapy

cinnamon essential oilOur natural crafts line all began with beeswax. In the early days when GloryBee co-founders Dick and Pat Turanski saw their beekeeping business start to grow, beeswax was an obvious addition to their product list. It is a natural alternative to the petroleum-based waxes commonly used in today’s cosmetics, skincare, and candle industries, with a multitude of household uses. Soon customers were buying wax to make candles, lotions, and salves, and Dick and Pat’s catalog grew to provide all the components and tools needed to make custom, all-natural products for the home.

Essential Oils

Today we continue Dick and Pat’s tradition by offering a selection of 100% pure essential oils to enjoy in your homemade skincare products and candles. We strive to source the highest-quality oils from established, reputable suppliers that value purity, sustainability, and natural practices. Essential oils should be used with care, as they can cause skin and eye irritation if undiluted. We recommend making a small test batch of your recipe and adding small amounts of essential oil gradually until the desired fragrance is achieved. Write down the comparative amounts of essential oils and other ingredients, and you’ll know the ratio to use in larger batches moving forward. Hydrosols, also known as floral waters, are created when plant material is distilled for essential oil extraction. Hydrosols offer the full essence of the plant material, but in lower concentration than essential oils, and are a great way to add mild fragrance and astringent properties to lotions and balms.

candle makingCandle-making Supplies

In addition to beeswax, we have expanded our candle-making ingredients to include natural soy wax. This sustainably-sourced plant wax is an excellent alternative to paraffin for both molded and container candles, and creates a wide pool of melted wax to make your candle burn fragrantly. As always, our wicking is made of 100% natural fibers with non-metal cores to ensure your candles are burn cleanly. We recommend browsing one of our candle-making books to learn the specifics of melting temperatures, wick sizes and wax blends to achieve the desired burn time, and check for ideas and instructions on our natural crafts blog.