Aunt Patty's Fair Trade Coconut

Alan Turanski visits with coconut farmerOur Fair Trade Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil comes from a small cooperative of coconut farmers in the surrounding villages and towns of Butuan City in Northern Philippines. These farmers grow their crops (coconuts and bananas) in an agroforestry setting. In agroforestry, the crops are grown amongst the natural tropical vegetation, and it is one of the most environmentally friendly agricultural production systems in existence.

The farmers in this small community are paid a fair price for the coconuts they supply and community development project is planned by the producer community. In this case, the specific project planned is the drilling of a well that will provide fresh, safe drinking water to all members of the community.

In rural areas of the Philippines such as this access to safe drinking water can be a matter of life and death. Health care in these rural areas is bad to non-existing. This simple hand-operated well alleviates some of the hardship in the lives of 200 people and may save many young lives. GloryBee® has partnered with this cooperative to help drill a new well in 2013. We look forward to being able to make a difference in the lives of these small farmers.