HoneyStix and AgaveStix are perfect for Tea and Coffee!

Take along a few honeystix or agavestix to sweeten your tea or coffee when you are on the go! They are a convenient size for a pocket or purse, and contain about 1 teaspoon of either honey or agave. The straw makes a great stirring stick, too.

In addition to the natural unflavored HoneyStix and agaveStix for your tea and coffee, try these great combinations:

  • Chai Tea and Vanilla HoneyStix
  • Black Tea and Peach HoneyStix
  • Green Tea and Ginger HoneyStix
  • Lemon Tea and Red Grapefruit AgaveStix
  • Mango Tea and Lime AgaveStix
  • Coffee and Caramel HoneyStix
  • Coffee and Coconut AgaveStix
  • Coffee and Amaretto HoneyStix