Springtime Fun in the Pacific Northwest

Springtime in Eugene, can go one of two ways: rain lasting each and every day or beautiful days filled with sunshine. If we are lucky enough to experience extended periods of sun, my family and I engage in a few springtime traditions I would like to share with you.

1. Get Your Hands Dirty
I am blessed with plenty of space in my yard to garden and I love when I get time to share my tricks during the planting season with my grandchildren. We clean up the garden, till, add nutrients, and create rows and mounds for the crops.

2. Stage A Family Cooking Competition
This past year, I had all my grandkids over at the house and decided to have a fun little “Iron Chef” competition using only ingredients from my kitchen or garden. The kids came up with appetizers, main courses and even a dessert. In the end, everyone was a winner.

3. Smoothie Time
After collecting the “fruits” of the labor, the kids and I love to combine some of our favorite fruits and vegetables and make refreshing smoothies. 

4. Take A Craft Class
At GloryBee during the Spring (and actually throughout the year) we offer natural craft classes at our Factory Store where you can learn to make candles, soap, lotion, lip balms and much more. http://glorybee.com/content/factory-store

5. Take A Trip to Your Local Farmer’s Market
I can’t possible grow everything in my garden and it is exciting to see what local farmers have been up to.