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As the name suggests, Honeystix are long, flavored, honey straws - quite literally honey sticks. Naturally sweet and convenient, GloryBee HoneyStix are perfect for snacking on the go. With more than 25 flavors of pure naturally flavored honey in a straw, GloryBee HoneyStix offers the perfect treat instead of processed sugar snacks. Enjoy rich flavor and sweetness, conveniently packaged for lunch boxes or take-along treats. More about Aunt Patty's

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  1. GloryBee’s Artisan Fermented Honey vinegar is made in Thailand using traditional methods that trace back to ancient eras. Pure longan honey is placed in ceramic casks to ferment naturally without the addition of artificial colorings or preservatives.

    Artisan Fermented Honey

    (2 sizes)

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