Fully Established 10 Frame Hive

Size: 1 Each

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Read Me First

  • We don’t ship fully established hives. Our online ordering system requires you to enter a shipping address, but all hives must be picked up locally.
  • Order fully established hives separately from other products. Orders that have bees along with other products will be delayed.
  • Fully established hives will be ready for pick up between May 22 and June 5 (depending on colony health) at 29548 B Airport Road, Eugene, OR 97402. We will contact you during this timeframe to let you know the status and set up a time for pick up.

About Fully Established Demo Hives

If you are looking for a hive that is already established with the queen already laying eggs and brood already being raised, then one of our fully established demo hives might be just the right option for you.    

During bee weekend every year, we do approximately 10 live demonstrations on how to install packaged bees into a hive for our visitors. During these demonstrations we review the equipment needed; show how to prep the equipment, packaged bees and queen for installation; discuss feeding the bees; show how to install the queen; show how to install the package of bees; show how to close up the hive once they are installed; and discuss what to do and look for over the next few weeks after installation. 

The few weeks after installation are probably one of the most critical points in the beekeeping process as they can either make or break a hive. During these weeks, not only does the queen need to be laying properly mated eggs consistently, but the worker bees also need to be working hard at building comb. All of these things are needed to perpetuate the colony and to help it thrive. If the hive isn't monitored and managed well during this time, it won't have a good start to the rest of the season and may even not survive.

You can let us do this initial monitoring and managing work for you by purchasing one of our established demonstration hives. After we have installed the packaged bees during bee weekend, we will then keep the hive for approximately 4 to 6 more weeks and do this work. When we feel that the bees are ready to go to their permanent home, we will call you and schedule a pick-up date.  From there on out, they are yours to take care of.

Where & When Can I Pick Up My Fully Established 10 Frame Hive??

  • We ONLY allow local pickup of fully established demonstration hives.
  • You can pick up your bees at 29548 B Airport Road, Eugene, OR 97402.
  • You can pick up bees between May 22 and June 5 (depending on colony health). We will contact you to schedule a pickup time.
  • At delivery of your bees you will be required to sign a release of liability before acquiring your bee package, queen(s) or nuc and demo hives.


GloryBee does not guarantee the successful establishment of a colony, hiving of the packaged bees or nuc box. We do our best to provide all customers with thriving, healthy bees but we do not assume responsibility once the bees leave our facility. GloryBee is not responsible for the survival or productivity of the hive and therefore, does not offer refunds or replacements. We do not guarantee that a queen(s) will be successfully introduced to or will be accepted by your hive. GloryBee is not responsible for queen survival in your hive, or for the condition or productivity of your hive after introduction.

Caution: Live bees are purchased at your own risk. Bee stings may cause allergic reactions in some people.

Cancellation Policy

Customers need to speak with a salesperson to request a refund You can call at 1-800-456-7923. Refunds will not be authorized via email or through voicemail. All pre-ordered packaged bees must be picked up by 10:00am on Saturday, May 8 or they will be considered abandoned and sold to someone waiting on site.

No Refunds after Friday, April 8, 2021.