Forming Board

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If you are a traditionalist and prefer to use wooden frames and pure beeswax foundation in your hives, this is a must-have tool! Also commonly known as an "embedding board", it is used to provide stability and a solid backing for both inserting and wiring beeswax foundation. The three grooves cut down the body of the board allow for it be used with all three sizes of frames, 9 1/8", 6 1/4", and 5 5/8”.

To use, simply place your assembled frame in the correct groove so that the platform in the center rises up to the center of your frame. This will hold your frame tightly in place while you insert and guide your foundation into the grooved bottom bar of the frame. If you are using wedged top bar frames, it will also provide support as you nail the wedge back on. Many beekeepers prefer to provide extra stability in their foundation by wiring it horizontally.

This board will provide a solid surface on the backside for you to easily embed the wire into the foundation.  If embedding wire into foundation, you can use this board in combination with our spur wire embedder  and our spool wire. It is made of heavy-duty pine that will last for putting together countless frames.  

Measures 1.625" tall by 16.75" wide by 10" deep.  

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