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Honey Jars
GloryBee has one of the most expansive supplies of honey that come in many different containers and sizes. Our honey jars keep our raw honey fresh for that direct from the hive taste. Glass honey jars keep our honey safe and enhance the overall flavor. As an added benefit, glass jars are easier to recycle than plastic, and you can be assured they are toxin-free.

We sell 18 ounce honey jars for all our varieties and a select variety come in 48 ounce honey jars. Or buy in bulk and save with our cases of six 18 ounce honey jars. Whichever size you decide, we know you’ll simply love our raw, organic honey! More about GloryBee Honey

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  • Raspberry Creamed Honey image

    Raspberry Creamed Honey

    (2 sizes)

    $9.59 - $49.49

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    • SAVE the BEE - Supports the mission to save the bees image
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We sell Organic Raw Honey in these beautiful honey jars. Glory Bee is proud to bring you a selection of raw and organic honey in bulk.