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Manuka Honey

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Manuka Honey

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Manuka Honey is made by bees that pollinate the Manuka Flower. Manuka is in the Lemtopermum family, only found in New Zealand. Also known as “Tea Tree” these unique plants bloom only 2-6 weeks per year in the New Zealand summer. The honey is characterized by its unique, complex flavor and rich color.

  • 100% Manuka Honey
  • Product of New Zealand
  • MGO (Methylglyoxal) = 84 mg/kg*
  • Pollen Tested for Purity
  • Light Amber Color
  • Herbaceous Flavor
  • Aroma Similar to Menthol
  • Kosher

What is Methylglyoxal?

Dietary Methylglyoxal (MGO) is a compound that occurs naturally when glucose is made available to a living cell in the human body, plant or animal. It is produced to ensure every cell’s health.¹Manuka honey has been researched and MGO used for its antibacterial qualities. Methylglyoxal is one of the key components found in Manuka honey and it is what separates Manuka from other types of honey as a use for health support. Manuka honey has been studied both as a dietary supplement and topical application depending on the level of Methylglyoxal.  *Instead of a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) rating for our Manuka Honey, we use a MGO rating. The amount of MGO in our Manuka Honey is equivalent to 5+.²

Honey should not be consumed by children under one year of age or by those with a compromised immune system.


Skin Care: This manuka honey is perfect for creams, lotions, masks, ointments, salves and soap.
Food & Beverages: Superb addition to tea, smoothies, superfood blends, dressings, bars, granola.
Health & Wellness: Throat lozenges, cough drops, immunity boosting products.