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Consistency from Hive to Table

Offering a wide variety of honey formats, GloryBee provides consistent color and flavor profiles for all of your formulations. Our stringent quality assurance and food safety standards make us a leader in the honey industry.

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Transparency and Traceability

Over the past 45 years, we've built realtionships with the best beekeepers across the world. These relationships and third party independent testing allow us to offer you the finest quality honey at competitive prices - from hive to table.

Benefits of Honey

Our honey is more than just sweet. It's an all-natural, unprocessed ingredient - the perfect ingredient for clean labels. GloryBee honey gives your products unbeatable flavor and unexpected functional benefits. It supports the health and well-being of not only honey bees, but also beekeepers all over the world.

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A healthy world where bees and people thrive

GloryBee has built an ecosystem of like-minded partners throughout our entire supply chain, who are dedicated to producing food in a healthful and sustainable way. We take our role as your honey supplier very seriously, and we know that your brand can only be successful when we consistently provide you with the highest-quality sustainable honey available.

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How we give

We’re on a mission to SAVE the BEE! Giving back to our community has been a non-negotiable part of GloryBee’s vision and mission for over forty-five years. We believe that by demonstrating sustainability in our daily operations, we can work together to create a better world.

Always Authentic & Ethically Sourced

From pail to tanker, we offer a wide variety of honey online. Browse our selection of bulk honey and buy today. 

Wholesale Honey

Honey for your wholesale and industrial cooking or baking needs. If you need a pail, drum,tote, or tanker of wholesale honey or natural sweetener, GloryBee has you covered. Our high-quality ingredients meet the demand of various bakeries, grocers, breweries, restaurants, and other retail or food establishments. We offer both natural and organic options for various honey and sweeteners to meet the needs of our clients and their customers. Purchasing wholesale honey is made easier through our online store. Buy bulk honey online—along with all your other baking and cooking ingredient supplies—and have it delivered to your facilty.

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Custom Blending & Application Support. Looking for something else? We offer custom blending and can help you choose the right honey for your specific application. 


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From our start in 1975, in the garage of Dick and Pat Turanski, GloryBee has been dedicated to creating great-tasting honey of the highest quality. Continuing with our tradition, we’re still a family-owned company operating in Eugene, Oregon where every jar of our honey receives our full dedication and passion. Whenever you buy honey from GloryBee, we guarantee that it is 100% pure, natural, and great-tasting.

GloryBee only partners with responsible, ethical beekeepers who we've cultivated relationships with over the years. Our organic honey is imported from an intimate network of expert beekeepers that take pride in the ethical treatment of their bees. Ethically kept bees produce the best raw honey.

GloryBee provides one of the largest assortments of honey of any honey company. We welcome you to view all of our varieties of honey to find one you will absolutely love. More about GloryBee Honey