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Aunt Patty's Organic

Maguey Syrup

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Size: 6 / 16 Ounce Case


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Aunt Patty's Raw Organic Maguey Syrup is made from the juice (aguamiel) collected from the flowering stem of the Agave Salmiana Plant. It is small batch collected, minimally processed and has been used as an ancient sweetener and nourishment for the indigenous people of Mexico for over 1000 years. It contains Metlin, a prebiotic dietary fiber from the Agave Azul plant which aids in digestion and has a low glycemic index.

The characteristic robust flavor and color is similar to that of molasses. Try it in meat & poultry dishes as well as in sauces, dressings and desserts. Maguey is the original, traditional sweetener of the Americas (Aztecs) and is the common name for the Agave Salmiana plant. It is the juice, aguamiel, of the plant that feeds the quiote, the flowering part of the plant. The aguamiel from the maguey is collected twice per day through a traditional, small batch process by cutting a bowl shaped hole in the stem of the plant and then scraping the basin of the bowl to collect the juice. It is then filtered only to remove any plant material but so that it keeps the minerals and amino acids intact. It then goes through a process of vacuum evaporation to ensure the product remains truly raw. It is never heated above 104 degrees F.

Aunt Patty's Raw Organic Maguey Syrup is sourced from and collected by two small communities of farmers within Hidalgo State of Mexico. By purchasing our syrup, you are supporting these small communities and helping them to gain an economic advantage in an area that is generally very poor.

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