b'The Honey Experts Labels Matter SALESMillions of pounds soldWith over 45 years of experience in the honeyGloryBee is proud to offer high quality,60Mindustry, GloryBee knows honey! ethically sourced ingredients with the We are proud of our efforts to assist in thefollowing certifications: 50Mdevelopment of the standards for Certified OrganicNONGMOand Non-GMO Project Verified honey, and toProjectV E R I F I E Dsupport beekeepers in the regions of the worldnongmoproject.org 40Mthat can meet these standards. OUR PRODUCTSOUR PRODUCTSGloryBee is committed to ensuringthe honey30Mwe import is ethically and legally sourced in a transparent and traceable manner. All of our honey is True Source Certified. In addition,20MGloryBee tests both our domestic and importedAlthough our sales were down across honey to make sure it has not been adulteratedthe board in 2020, we continued to sell with rice, corn or sugar syrups. a majority of organic and non-GMO10Mingredients. (95% of our FairTrade Certified products are also Certified Organic.)0 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020Organic Non-GMO Non certifiedProject Verified10GLORYBEE.COM 2020 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT11'