b'Water Use Energy UseWATEROur water use of 0.034 gallons perGallons/lbpound of product surpassed the goal0.05we had set for 2020 (0.035 gallons per pound). We are not sure to what extent0.04having many of our employees working from home during the pandemic0.03contributed to the reduction. 0.02 2017 2018 2019 2020GloryBee reuses our honey totes,167.2165.9161.4181.9OUR PLANETOUR PLANETwhich means a lot of washing. To wash0.01 BTU/lb BTU/lb BTU/lb BTU/lbour totes, we capture the water used in our honey cooling system, and run it0 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Our complete facility energy mix includes through a solar water heating panel toelectricity, propane, natural gas, and on-warm it up. That means approximatelysite solar generation. We report our energy 400 kgal per year get used twiceuse in BTUs as a common measurement, and before going down the drain! as BTU per pound of product produced or handled. Total BTUs were down slightly in 2020, but BTU per pound jumped significantly as we moved 10 million fewer 0.034 gallons pounds of food.per pound14GLORYBEE.COM 2020 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT15'