b'Giving Back In July we donatedFamilyWorks Seattles 800 pounds of honeySunday Supper Even amidst the pandemic, 19 GloryBeeto Washington Statefundraiser looked a employees managed to give 54 hours ofUniversitys Bread Lab.little different in 2020. volunteer time as part of our paid communityWhen the pandemicNormally a sit-down service program. began, they revved updinner event, they sold their baking of wholedinner kits and Chef Tom GloryBee donated 52,078 pounds of food towheat loaves andDouglas did a cooking donated them to localclass on Zoom! GloryBee our local food bank (Food for Lane County) andfood banks. Our honeycontributed 180 homeless shelter (Eugene Mission). Food fromwent into 10,000 loavesbottles of our ArtisanOUR PEOPLEOUR PEOPLEGloryBee means dried fruits, nuts, seeds, grains,of bread! Fermented Honey to theDave the Bee and GloryBee Presidentbeans, spices, oils, trail mix, granola, flour, sugardinner kits. Alan Turanski greet one of our drivers at our and of course, honey. employee drive-thru holiday party.Our Food for HealthOur SAVE the BEE Program gave aInitiative gave $120,000The Holiday Farm fire impacted us all. Like other total of $20,000 inlocal businesses, GloryBee stepped up to helpsupport of Schoolin 2020, benefitting OSUwith cash, food and wood pallets. We also sent Garden Project of LaneHoney Bee Lab, WSU Honey Bee and Pollinator Program, Beeone of our trucks to deliver donations from other County, Food Corps,businesses and contributed HoneyStix to the Holiday and FamilyWorksGirl Organization, Beyond Toxics, and Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides. Gift Boxes assembled by the McKenzie Community Seattle. Development Corporation for families displaced by the fire.8GLORYBEE.COM 2020 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT9'