Mini Frame Grip with Tool

Size: 1 Each EA

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This mini frame grip with tool is super convenient as it is actually two tools in one! It is both a frame puller and a multi-use flathead screwdriver.

To operate, use the screwdriver end to loosen the frames from each other. Frames in a hive tend to become very sticky as the bees cover them with propolis which acts like a glue that holds frames tightly together. Once the frames are loosened, use the wide-handled frame puller to grip the frames and pull them from the hive.

The comfortable rounded, wide handle makes it very easy to remove frames from a brood box or honey super. Frames come out faster and more smoothly than using a hive tool. Hive tools can tend to damage frames if using to pull frames from the hive which is why we prefer to use this handy tool. It is made from steel and painted yellow. The yellow paint allows for you to spot it easily when lying in grass or dirt. It is light-weight and very easy to use one-handed. It works with all varieties of frames including wood, plastic, deep, medium and shallow. It measures 7.5” long by 4.25” wide.