GloryBee Honey

GloryBee was started in 1975 by Dick and Pat Turanski, and to this day, we remain family-owned and committed to sourcing and selling the purest honey and ingredients.

At GloryBee, we strongly believe in the healthful benefits of honey and believe it is critical to sell only ethically and legally sourced honey in a transparent and traceable manner. Our sourcing and procurement teams do that by adhering to strict guidelines and certifications, and our quality assurance team ensures we go above and beyond what’s expected in terms of pollen and adulteration testing.

However you enjoy it, you will love the great taste and all-natural sweetness of GloryBee honey.





Who can resist the all-natural taste of honey flavored with fruit? When GloryBee launched the original five flavors of HoneyStix in 1986, they were an instant hit. The idea came from our founder’s days working on a peppermint farm in his youth. Enjoy our HoneyStix on their own or try them with tea.



GloryBee WellnessHive Supplements

Natural Supplements for Healthy Living. Our Products from the Hive Brand are a natural extension of GloryBee’s focus on honey, beekeeping, and healthy living. GloryBee offers a selection of natural bee product supplements including fresh frozen royal jelly.




GloryBee Beekeeping

Beekeeping has been a part of GloryBee from the start. In fact, it was a beekeeping class that our founder Dick Turanski held at a local community college that launched his early success. His first students became his first beekeeping customers. It was a natural relationship founded on the love of bees and honey and one that is at the core of our company today. 

Beekeeping is no longer a hobby popular only with farmers or homesteaders, as urbanites continue to embrace the craft. With the increased awareness of honey bee health and continuing concerns about our food, people are becoming beekeepers and developing a stronger connection with nature while supporting local pollinators. We have been fortunate to provide novice and experienced beekeepers with everything they need to get started for four decades.