Plastic 2 Frame Extractor

Size: 2 Frame Plastic

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The hard part is over and you’re ready to harvest! The Plastic 2 Frame Hand Crank Extractor is perfect for getting every last bit of honey out of your frames. These extractors hold up to two frames so you can harvest your honey as quickly as possible. Non-reversible. Measures 26" H X 16" W X 16" D.

This plastic 2 frame hand crank extractor is perfect for the Hobby Beekeeper who only has one or two hives. It will extract two deep frames at one time. Some assembly required

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Honey Extracting Tips

  1. Start slowly! Keep it steady and slow at first.
  2. Increase speed slowly as frames lighten.
  3. Rebalance frames as necessary. This is just like balancing a load of clothes in a washing machine.
  4. Turn each frame around inside the extractor after a few minutes to extract the honey from both sides of the comb.
  5. Depending on the temperature of the honey in the frames it should take about 10 to 15 minutes to extract the honey from the frames.