Plastic Barrel Type Hive Top Feeder

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The hive top feeder is made from an extremely durable, hard, black plastic and comes with a white metal lid. It holds one gallon of liquid and sits on top of the inner cover in the hive.  It measures 20.5” in circumference by 8.5” tall.  

Many sideliner and commercial beekeepers prefer this hive top feeder over other feeders because it is very inexpensive and easy-to-use - Perfect when you have lots of hives.

Barrel Hive Top Feeder

Before placing in the hive, holes will need to be placed into the white metal lids. This can be done with a hammer and nail by just tapping the tip of a nail through the metal lid until a small hole is made. The holes only need to be large enough so that the feed can drip slowly through when the feeder is inverted upside down. These feeders are great in that they can be filled at one location and then easily transported to another location to be placed on the hive. The lids prevent the feed from spilling during transport as long as the full feeder is kept upright and lids are on tight.  

Once the feeder is filled with liquid feed, invert over the top of the oval hole of the inner cover so that the white lid is facing down into the hive and so that the feed can slowly drip.  Once placed on the hive, surround the feeder with a deep (9 5/8”) super for protection from wind and rain. This will also prevent the feeder from falling over.  Place your hive top on top of this deep super.  

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